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Our kaftan are designed with our signature cut that floats around you and Flatters all your shapes and sizes. This is the one piece you can take anywhere. Being a tease never hurts, we have made it just sheer enough and let the imagination take it from there! 

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Chiffon Kaftan | Floral Kaftan | Nabz Saad
Chiffon Kaftan Floral
  • £140.99


Black Maxi Kaftan | Caftan | Nabz Saad
Black Maxi Kaftan
  • £45.99
  • £18.99
Kaftan Chiffon  | Caftan Aniyah | Nabz Saad
Kaftan Chiffon Aniyah
  • £120.99


Cover -up Kaftan | Maxi Kaftan Sheer White | Nabz Saad
Cover -up Kaftan
  • £45.99
  • £18.99