Our Story

Our Story


The Brand

Nabz Saad is ethical fashion brand specialising in blending cultural prints with modern fashion – creating a picture-perfect union between trend and classic couture.

Our vision is to merge the boundaries of cultures through fashion, by creating mixed pieces that incorporate just the right touch of unique ethical traits from different parts of the world.   

Our mission is to empower women, helping them feel sexier and more confident, without being too outrageous – because we believe you can keep all your feminine glory and sexiness intact while still exuding class.

We want women to make their own personal style statement, for fashion is about so much more than just clothing – it’s your personal signature, your mission statement, your exclamation to the world that you have something to say worth listening to.

Our brand offers high quality and mixed ethically-inspired African fashion. We create a unique range of modern blended cultural print clothing for women, that are all sourced and made in London by the most talented and dedicated seamstresses.

Working closely with them, I create the most unique, eye-pleasing and body-hugging styles for you to showcase your womanly allure. 

With a wide array of designs ranging from ready-to-wear to accessories, we have something that suits virtually every woman’s unique taste and sense of style.

My Undying Love for Fashion and a Passion for Exploring Different Cultures

My love for fashion combined with a passion for exploring different cultures inspired me to seek the perfect prints that transform the very meaning behind contemporary fashion trends.

My quest to discover pieces of cloth that can tell a story is something that motivates me to no end. And the hours upon hours spent browsing for the ideal fabrics always teleports me into an entirely different world and era altogether. These journeys to a parallel reality and centuries-old traditions that first originated on the Asian continent, is what inspired the latest designs in my collection. 

I have always dreamt of having my own fashion brand – a brand that boasts a distinct brand identity, recognises multiple cultures and signifies customer loyalty – and not just a brand that people merely see as a clothing company, but rather one that encompasses a complete lifestyle around what it’s like to be a woman. Nabz Saad Nabz Saad (formerly known as Nabz Fashion) was born 2018.

In that light, I want Nabz Saad to be a brand that’s a part of every major milestone of your life – a brand you can always trust and adore to remind yourself of the beautiful, desirable and wholesome woman that you are.

I absolutely love prints and bright colours! With a focus on my Kenyan roots, I emphasize the beauty in my designs in a way that represents the heart of African culture through Ankara textiles. I also ensure that my designs offer a generous mesh of bold colours, punchy patterns, modern silhouettes and a feminine flare, while paying homage to my European and Middle Eastern roots.


Nabz Saad is currently only available online at www.nabzsaad.com